Training & Education Providers Accreditation

AAA provides accreditation to the education training services providers, Academies, Centers, Agencies and organizations that provide different kinds of training courses in several fields and majors such as managerial, social, humanitarian, media, IT, vocational courses, continuing learning, blended learning and all other types of training and scopes. The accreditation is based on the International American Standard (ASTM E2659).

Getting accredited requires training agencies to demonstrate they are competent, that their trainers are qualified, and that the curricula meet the requirements.

The accreditation process involves an evaluation of the training providers corporate structure, facilities, staffing, curriculum, product development and administration.

Benefits of AAA Accreditation for Training providers

AAA is an independent, well-established, and globally recognised accreditation body. Once accredited, an organisation can display the appropriate AAA logo and accreditation statement on their publicity materials.
Accreditation by AAA means that accredited organizations will be listed on the American Directory of Accredited Organizations – ADAO, providing information for external agencies, partners, and prospective trainees about the organization and courses offered.

Accreditation by AAA means that persons trained and certified by the accredited training provider will be listed on the the American Directory for Competent Personnel – ADCP, providing information for public about the person and certificate achieved.

Accredited organisations will receive invitations to join webinars that cover a variety of topics designed for the training providers related topics and standards.
AAA assessments are conducted by highly experienced assessors with extensive knowledge of the sector. They can provide accredited organisations with invaluable advice on their quality assurance processes through the assessment process.
Accredited organisations are provided with free marketing resources (logos, symbols, statements) to support stakeholder engagement, marketing campaigns, and business development activities.
Continual advice and updates on sector changes are provided by regular newsletters, posts on the AAA website, and via social media sites.

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