AAA Accreditation Membership
Individual Membership

All you need to advance in your accreditation knowledge and career is here — in one place — for you! Become a member today to get the tools to help secure your future in the area of quality and accreditation.

Individual Member status is appropriate for any person who is interested in supporting the development of accreditation standards and promoting quality and competence through accreditation in their industries.

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Why become a member of AAA accreditation?

  • Access to: Accreditation Today newsletter (includes ready to use tools and templates)
  • Free webinars covering subjects like understanding international standards development, quality management, quality assurance, internal audits, preparing for assessments, and more.
  • Ability to write industry-related articles that will be included in AAA’s newsletter & blog section.
  • Professional development opportunities include:
    • Attending AAA Conference and Assembly Meeting
    • Presenting a paper at AAA conference
  • Accreditation related news from around the World
  • Increase your quality and accreditation knowledge with unlimited access to tools and information including:
    • Benchmarking reports
    • Topical e-newsletters
    • Case studies and articles
    • Industry research
  • Meet, communicate and collaborate with your peers within the quality community through a variety of networking opportunities.
  • Opportunity to be a member of AAA Technical committees (professional groups for engagement in your field of industry)
  • Geographic community (local groups of quality professionals networking in your area)
  • Members will get special discounts for AAA Training starting from 10% discounts.
  • Certification discounts—save on exams and training.
  • AAA Conferences—up to $200.
  • Access to a bundle of discounts for services and products from accredited organizations and members of the American Accreditation Association.

1 year membership $150.00