Inspection Bodies Accreditation
ISO/IEC 17020

AAA accredits Inspection Bodies to the standard ISO 17020 whose functions include the examination of materials, products, installations, plant, processes, work procedures or services and the determination of their conformity with requirements including the subsequent reporting of the results of these activities.
Examples of inspections that these organisations perform include periodic inspection of Lifting equipment, cranes, pressurised gas cylinders and inspection of buildings for the presence of asbestos, lifts, hoists, cranes, electrical installations, escalators etc.
The requirement for the independence of inspection bodies may vary according to legislation and market needs.
There may be a requirement to have inspections carried out by an Inspection Body having third party status, that is, that are independent relative to the seller/producer and purchaser.
They generally perform inspection of facilities, equipment, installations etc. in respect of which the authorities have special regulations for safety reasons.

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