Advisory Technical



  • AAA Advisory Technical committees role is to provide advice on technical matters related to the development and operation of AAA accreditation activities.
    There are 12 committees covering the different programs of accreditation which composed from experts representing all the stakeholders (for example, professional bodies, accredited organizations, customers, and regulatory bodies) in the related scope of accreditation.
  • The Advisory Technical Committees are also responsible for formulation and review of the technical requirements in each scope of accreditation, and identification of potential assessors and sources of assessors for the related accreditation program.

AAA Advisory Technical Committees composition

sAdvisory Technical CommitteeAccreditation Program
12Product Certification Bodies committeeProduct Certification Bodies Accreditation
1Food& Environmental Testing labs committeeLaboratories Accreditation
2Material Testing labs committee
3Medical labs committee
4Calibration labs committee
5Non Destructive testing committeeInspection Bodies Accreditation
6Industrial Inspection committee
7Personnel Certification Bodies committeePersonnel Certification Bodies Accreditation
8Training Providers accreditation committeeTraining providers Accreditation
9QMS, OHSAS committeeSystem Certification Bodies Accreditation
10FSMS committee
11EMS& Energy Management System committee
“International Accreditation … Accepted Globally”