Marketing is a dynamic, constantly changing field. But 2022 was even more dynamic than usual. We faced a global recession, the lingering effects of COVID-19, geopolitical conflicts, the rise of artificial intelligence, and many other changes and challenges. This year might have been a time to grow, reflect, or re-evaluate, depending on your perspective. It’s a lot. How are marketers doing? For 2023, the report investigated digital marketing priorities across different industries, company sizes, and regions, and how they’ve changed from last year. The report has focused on 4 areas — budget, strategy, content marketing, and social media marketing — and broken down trends that affected marketers, including the global financial recession.

The report designed to help marketing decision makers benchmark their own decisions and understand the wider marketing landscape.

After surveying over 693 marketing directors, CMOs and managers, the report gathered some fascinating insights about marketers’ current experiences and priorities, across different types of companies and all over the world.

Uncover in the report:

  • 2023 Marketing trends: from the global financial crisis, to the rise of media monitoring, the renaissance of event marketing and the ever-increasing importance of market research
  • Budgets: how much marketing teams are spending, and how budgets have evolved in 2023
  • Content strategy: the report deep dive into content marketing, with a spotlight on key goals, video marketing and content production
  • Social media strategy: the spotlight turns to social media marketing goals and channel

The report prepared by Mention, Livestorm & Jotform companies, and you can get the full copy of the report from here