With our two years membership for organizations, we open a new door for our clients to benefit from us as members of the AAA family.

•    Members will receive AAA Membership Certificate valid for a period of two years, the members will be allowed to use AAA Member Logo on their website and promotional material, for as long as they are members.
•    Ability to write industry-related articles that will be included in AAA’s newsletter & blog section.
•    Presenting a paper at AAA conference
•    Leading a workshop
•    Meet, communicate and collaborate with your peers within the quality community through a variety of networking opportunities.
•    Opportunity to be a member of AAA Technical committees (professional groups for engagement in your field of industry).
•    25% discount on Personal Recognition Programs (PRP).
•    Access to a bundle of discounts from AAA members and partners.
•    Members will get special discounts for AAA Training starting from 10% discounts.