Accreditation for Training providers has become a need and we encourage our
community of training providers to learn how important it is to be
accredited and recognized and for that purpose, the American Accreditation
Association has inducted the ASTM training on Friday 17th, 2021 at 10 AM
(EST). Different participants from various countries attended the training,
discussion. During the training, the following points were discussed:

• Strategic objectives related to accreditation
• Who can be accredited
• Steps for accreditation
• Our membership options
• Training providers accreditation
• Why should anyone get accredited
• American Directory of Competent Personnel – ADCP
• American Directory of Accredited Organizations – ADAO
• Standard Practice for Certificate Issuers
• ASTM E2659 : 2018 Requirements
• Requirements for Certificate Issuers (organization)
• Requirements for the Certificate Program
• Requirements for Certificate Issuance and Use
• Eligibility for AAA Accreditation
• Accreditation Process
• Schools Accreditation Standard

As part of its continuous efforts to elevate the competencies of different
industry professionals, AAA will continue to provide training in different
fields and for many standards.

Stay tuned for our next training for 2022.