Specification on Performing Online Examinations for personnel

Online examination systems are becoming increasingly popular and widespread. Many educational institutes, examination centers and certification bodies of persons are replacing their traditional examination methods with online testing technologies.
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for such credible online examination systems and verification processes.
However, the introduction of new technological approaches on online testing led to serious concerns about security issues. The validity of such examinations for certification and accreditation purposes was strongly debated, and it was clear that an international rule setting the requirements for the acceptance of such examination systems was needed.

The International Personnel Certification Association, responding to those requests, released its new specification on Performing Online Examinations, the Specification has been developed to address the essential elements that should be considered during the development of any online examination application.

It aims to provide the base for the use of a secure, reliable and sustainable evaluation tool utilized during online examinations.

This specification can be used for standalone online examinations or for online examinations performed as part of the process of certification of persons.