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    1. I declare that the information provided in this application is correct and all supporting documents are genuine and accurate.

    2. I have taken reasonable steps to confirm the accuracy of the claims made by staff in respect of qualifications and experience.

    3. I am prepared to accept the final decision of AAA as to the outcome of this application.

    4. I agree to indemnify AAA against all claims, demands, expenses and complaints arising from inaccuracies in the information given by me above.

    5. I agree to inform AAA of any changes in the ownership of the institution or senior management, or significant variation in the academic program, which occur more than three months before the scheduled date for renewing the institutions AAA membership.

    6. I accept that the term "AAA Organizational Member " means that my institution is a member of AAA, and I undertake not to represent my institution as enjoying this recognition before it has been granted nor after it has been withdrawn or suspended.

    7. I understand that failure of continuing compliance with the membership criteria may lead to the removal of my membership by AAA.