A Certification Body that is very keen on paying attention to details and delivering high end certification and consultation services, The International Quality System Registrars led by Mr. Jeff Kirschbaum was successfully accredited for ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 Standard for Management System Certification.
The Accreditation was given on August 2021 based on multiple assessments done by AAA’s staff of accreditation were IQSR showed deep knowledge of the scope of certification they are handling.
Mr. Jeff’s assessment journey did not end in silence, as a matter of fact, we are delighted to share his recent testimonial:
“I have to say, working with AAA was an absolute pleasure. The level of professionalism that the staff presented made the entire process a great experience. I worked closely with Saad and Sam through the different stages of the process and they were very professional every step of the way.They are firm but fair in the execution of the overall process and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking accreditation!”