A new document released: How conformity assessment can help in managing risk for the insurance industry

Drawing on the experience gained during the first Stakeholder Forum held between ISO and the insurance industry in London in 2016, ISO published a brochure that provides an insight into the role and benefits of conformity assessment in managing risk for the insurance industry.

The insurance sector strives to improve its management of risk; the conformity assessment industry (standards, certification, testing, and accreditation) works tirelessly at providing tools to manage risk.

Insurance companies pool different types of risk and use statistical analysis to project losses within a given class. Accredited certification, inspection, testing, or measurement services based on standards, which give consumers the assurance that the product or service delivered meets a certain level of quality and satisfies the legal requirement, can support brokers and underwriters in their management of risk.

You can read and download the full brochure from here