As part of its continuous efforts to elevate industries and nations, The American Accreditation Association Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Somalia’s National Accreditation Body. On November 1st , 2021, The American Accreditation Association completed the virtual signing of an MOU with the Somalia’s National Accreditation Body. This comes as part of AAA’s vision of supporting different countries to improve the quality standards related to different types of businesses. Regardless of the type or the location, AAA is keen on providing the needed support and training for those looking to improve their accreditation know-how or becoming eligible for accreditation. Whether it is Labs, Conformity Assessment Bodies, or Educational & Training organizations, AAA’s teams are making sure they provide the needed assistance and support.
The Somalia’s National Accreditation Body is now preparing for the initiation of its accreditation body in the developing African country. For this purpose, they reached out to AAA to help them in technical support to be able to reach and sustain high accreditation standards. At this level, the Assessment specialists at AAA will be providing direct support and training for the professional team at The Somalia’s National Accreditation Body through allowing them to witness different assessments while providing other training sessions on specific standards
Mr. Sam & Mr. Abdelkarim were responsible for the virtual signing of the memorandum of understanding. Both parties agreed that from this point on, a systemized plan for cooperation will be build up. This will help the National Somalian Accreditation Body reach its sought goals. On the other hand, AAA remains at its promise to nations worldwide to improve and elevate the standards through their accreditation and training services