AAA signs Agreement of Cooperation with the Government of Mongolia, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education

As part of the international cooperation of AAA with the public and governmental sector globally, AAA signed two Memorandum of Agreements with the Center for Health Development, Ministry of Health in Mongolia and another agreement with the Mongolian National Council for Education Accreditation, Ministry of Education.

The agreements ensure that AAA will support the Mongolian government to build capacity and strengthen the competency of the staff through training courses, workshops, and seminars. It also includes engagement in collaborative with international projects and exchange professional experiences in quality assurance and accreditation to promote best practices and continuous improvement in healthcare accreditation.

The agreement facilitates staff exchange opportunities to enable professionals to collaborate on seminars, conferences, round tables, and other activities aimed at enhancing accreditation systems.

Both parties will explore the potential of conducting joint accreditation visits to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of accreditation processes by leveraging expertise and resources, as well as collaboration in accrediting the facilities in Mongolia to advance international recognition and pioneer the development of standards and criteria for joint accreditation.