13 Things to Consider Before Selecting the Right Accreditation Body

Credibility, competence, and experience are just a few of the things your firm should look for when picking an accreditation organization.

You have to take into account factors from an accreditation organization when evaluating components of your business. Ultimately, your business’s future will be affected by this decision.

As a starting point, here are the 13 things to consider before selecting the right accreditation body:

1. Accreditation Essentials

The principles of accreditation are safeguarded by a central body that accredits organizations.

To check another company’s procedures and management systems, only authorized accreditation agencies are allowed. This ensures an objective and thorough audit.

2. Competence and Skill

An efficient company is the result of well-trained and well-versed people. Performing important actions that are part of accreditation necessitates the expertise of the accreditation body’s staff.

As a result, a body’s auditors and assessors can be certain that they are well-trained. Having a professional and knowledgeable assessor will improve the efficiency of your management system.

3. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

An independent accreditation authority must be able to conduct audits against the specific standards required by your business.

Because of this, you must verify that the organization has a track record of evaluating businesses in light of certain industry standards.

4. Brand and Reputation

Some accreditation bodies have well-known logos or brands attached to them. Use this logo on your company’s stationery and promotional materials.

In order to gauge an accreditation body’s standing, it is a good idea to read testimonials from suppliers, customers, and even competitors.

An accreditation body with positive reviews and well-known brand recognition can assist in making an informed choice.

In the same way, a well-known accreditation body can help you find new business partners and build your firm.

5. The Scope

Across the globe, ISO certification is sought after. For future business interactions, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and even new partners search for accreditation.

In spite of the fact that your company was only evaluated by a local accreditation authority, the global recognition that comes with an ISO certification will extend to countries far beyond your home country.

6. The Case Studies

Most accreditation bodies produce case studies for their former and current clients. A few case studies can help you get a sense of how well the body works.

7. The Values of the Organization

An accreditation body’s credentials and offer must be thoroughly checked. In addition, your company must determine if its services and nature are in line with your company’s principles.

8. The Culture

An assessor must be able to get a sense of your company’s manner and culture. An assessor should not be feared by companies. Assessors and auditors can work together as a team. They could also assist you in making adjustments to your company’s operations in order to keep it on the cutting edge.

9. Being Prepared

Depending on the accreditation authority you select, the process could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Similarly, the timeline might be affected by the readability of your firm. In order to be well-prepared, you must also keep meticulous records of everything you do.

As a result, it is critical that all staff are informed of the accreditation process. That’s why employees must understand the significance of their collaborative effort.

10. The Costs of Development and Use

Both the operational and the application expenditures must be anticipated by your firm. Investments in administration, management, training, and paperwork may be included in this category.

In addition, there may be back-office charges that can be negotiated. When identifying audit dates and dealing with any concerns, this is a good rule of thumb.

11. The Cost of Travel

Your organization’s location may not matter to the branch of an accreditation authority even if it is based locally. As a result of this, additional travel charges could be incurred.

Local accreditation bodies have the advantage of being able to provide more personalized service because of their smaller size. As a result, accreditation fees will be lower.

Depending on the organization, daily rates for travel or lodging may be included in the quote.

Check to see if the accreditation organization is charging a reasonable rate for the number of days required to complete the process. Costs for the three-year accreditation period should be included in the first price quote, as well.

A contract stating what is and isn’t included in the estimate should be obtained. Keep an eye out for hidden costs.

It is recommended to request a daily rate. The next step is to estimate how long an audit of your organization will take. This should be based on the size, scope, procedures, and activities of your organization.

12. The Additional Providers of Services

Training services are available from some accreditation organizations. Expertise services like industry analytics, insurance, and compliance software may also be offered by these companies as well.

13. Back-up

As a support system, accreditation bodies are able to discover problems and provide assistance.

One-on-one consultations and webinars are some of the methods via which organizations offer assistance.


Your accreditation body should work for you and support your aims. In this article, we walked through some recommendations to help you choose the perfect program for your organization.

It is preferable to take the time to plan ahead of time.

When these stages have been accomplished, there should be a greater understanding of which accreditation body is best suited for your company. Then the real excitement of preparing for accreditation may begin!

If you want to ensure that your firm is in line with industry standards, the first step is to contact us. Get a quote and let’s get you on the road to a global scale!